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UG-380 Injection and blowing machine for PP/PC sport cups/bottles

Injection blowing machine for PC/PP sport cups/bottles

One-step, double station structure, injection and blowing

Products range from 2ml to 2000ml

It’s widely used for product Pharma bottles, health food bottles, cream bottles, chemical bottles, baby bottles, sport bottles etc.


Injection and blowing molding machine for PP/PC sport cups/bottles

Brief instruction:

One-step, double station structure, same time for preform injection and bottle blowing.

Products range from 2ml to 2000ml

The application area is wide, suitable for making the medicine packaging bottle, health products bottles,cosmetic containers, baby feeding bottles, sport bottles, electric heating kettle, lamp and stationery etc.

Introduction of Injection Blow Molding Machine From preform to finished bottle are producing in one machine which saving space and time. Precise and stable screw of neck. Molding with multi-cavities per cycle. Suitable for large production. Automatic producing and no need to deflashing and trimming. Unity-forming without seam. Injection mold, blow mold, injection and plasticizing can be separately controlled, so shorter cycle time by rapidly processing. Machine is stable, low vibration and low noise. Independent electric control cabinet with dust-proof and waterproof design. Oil tank with filter and there is automatic oil constant temperature control system. Available Material: PE, PP, PS, PC, PET, PETG/PCTA, etc.


UG-380 for sport cups
序号 NO 名称 Item 单位Unit 数值 Data
01 螺杆直径 Screw Diameter mm 48-52
02 螺杆转速 Screw Speed r/min 0-180
03 理论注射量 The Oretical Injection Capacity g 380-500
04 注模锁模力 Injection Clamping Force kn 380
05 适用原料 Suitable Materials PC、PMMA、PETG、PES、PPUS、TRITAN
06 吹模锁模力 Blow Clamping Force kn 75
07 生产速度 Production Speed pcs/h 200-720
08 电机功率 Motor Power kw 22
09 加热器功率 Heater Capactiy kw 13/3.5
10 压缩空气量 Compressed Air MPA 0.8-1.2
11 冷却水 Cooling Water Bar 1-3
12 机器尺寸 Dimension Of Machine Cm 410X140X240
13 机器重量 Machine Weight(约) Kg 4000
We reserve the right to product improvement and perfection,
the above parameters changes are subject to change without prior notice.

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